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Point Cloud Gazers, or PCG for short, is a team of experienced Land Surveyors that wish to expand the role and responsibilities of the Land Surveying profession through the use of 3D laser scanning.


Real estate

To showcase multiple properties at once, laser scanning is the solution.  After scanning the interior of a building, we can create 2D floor plan drawings and 3D models of spaces that can be shown to potential home buyers. 

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

For insurance and forensic experts alike, it is imperative to record evidence quickly and accurately.  Using laser scanning eliminates the lengthy process of formal investigations. Along with the scanner, we use a NIST (The National Institute of Standards) Twin Target Pole, which gives investigators a length reference, and allows for traceability when presenting evidence in court.

Volume Calculation

Knowing how big of a dumpster you need for excavation plans are always difficult to determine.  That’s why laser scanning is the best way to calculate the volume of a mound of dirt so that there are no wasted expenses.

Floor Flatness and Levelness

When a project is in demand for an extremely level concrete surface, laser scanning is the best method of figuring out floor flatness and leveling.  We can provide color heat maps from scan data to show existing conditions of floors.

Building Facades And Preservation

Preserving and maintaining structures can be a difficult task without proper initial planning.  Our company can laser scan structures, facades and murals before any restoration happens so that design teams have a form of reference to work from.

As-Built and Architectural Surveys

Through laser scanning, we can produce 2D and 3D drawings from the most complex of projects, from the exteriors of buildings to the interior rooms and spaces within.  With ample experience in Land Surveying, you can rest assured that our company will provide accurately constrained point clouds.


Leica Nova
MS60 Multistation​

Leica Nova MS60 Multistation

Leica RTC360
3D Laser Scanner​

Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

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